Women: a choice of love and courage – a photographic exhibition by Livia SELLI

The photographer hopes that the exhibition will encourage visitors to take a closer look at the fascinating lives of these and other women buried in the cemetery. Some of these were born in Rome, but many others came to Rome from distant countries like America, Australia, Russia and Scandinavia for a “choice of love” – ​​perhaps for someone’s sake, perhaps for the love of the city in itself, or to follow a passion or a career such as politics, painting, archeology, or writing. The exhibition will include 18 images, but also a selection of names that visitors will want to research in more detail.

The exhibition will be held in the Garden Room of the Cemetery, opening day Thursday 9 May from 18.00 to 19.30 with small refreshments to follow.

The exhibition will remain open during the opening hours of the cemetery until Sunday 23 June.

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